Designer Version 1.1 - BETA 2


General user interface


Design pane with 3 tools removed:

  • Design toolbox with elements and connections removed
  • Format tool
  • Arrange tool

Tools pane removed

  • Tools like Reverse and Generate can be accessed only via standard menu, toolbar or context menu on diagram

Diagram Modeling


Design pane was replaced by set of diagram tools which are directly placed in diagram frame

  • New Elements & Connections toolbox
  • New Format tool
  • New Arrange tool

Diagram context menu new options

  • Canvas Locked
  • Elements Tool - hide/show elements & connections toolbox
  • Format Tool - hide/show format tool when click on element
  • Arrange Tool - hide/show arrange tool when multiselect elements


  • Dragging diagram canvas - Control key has to be down to start dragging  


Designer Projects


  • SQL 2008 project support

Table Editor


  • primary key can be set as nullable
  • cannot set length, precision, scale for nvarchar resp. numeric columns
  • 'identity' flag missing
  • 'clustered' flag missing on indexes page
  • Columns list on indexes page


  • Table check constraints
  • Auto Edit mode for editable data grid
  • Context menu

DB Model Generate


  • Primary key is generated with "(GS.Database.PrimaryKeyColumn)" instead of column name
  • Generate column default constraints
  • Script structure improvements


  • Generate table check constraints (no check constraint validation yet)

Database Diagram - Column Detail


  • data type selection changed

Database Reverse


  • Improved progress indication



  • Create Documentation Tool was broken in previous build
  • Reverse Database does not persist keys and index in Visual Studio Project WPF Dispatcher exception could crash Visual Studio Instance, the exception is now handled and the message is redirected to Output pane.
  • Print diagram menu item appeared twice in diagram context menu


DB Model 

  • New Table Editor – grid style enabled designer

UML Model 

  • New Class Editor – grid style enabled designer


  • Correct Zoom calculation in diagrams opened on startup


  • Style of all dialogs (except Print Dialog) changed to be compatible with VS dialog style
  • Diagram created in Reverse database operation no more contains overlapping tables
  • Reverse database is now async operation , does not block UI
  • Print dialog enhancement
    • Multiple pages layout preview
    • Functional scrollbars
    • Zoom works correctly
    • Rendering performance is 100% faster


Reverse database works also in UML model

  • Supports only tables
  • User can select target Profile - Database or C# in current version, if C# profile is selected, data types are translated into corresponding C# types

Create HTML Documentation Tool changes

  • User can set diagram image dpi
  • Generated doc is style free, all styling is in a separate style.css
  • Default templates contains more information

Diagram Designer

  • Data types combo on DB Column detail and Uml Attribute detail is sorted now

VS Plugin

  • Codeplant Menu Items are now invisible if no model project is opened
  • Fix: C# profile was not correctly selected in UML model



  • Context Menu in Model Explorer and Diagram Canvas allows tools execution
  • Database dialog - Newly added Data Source is automatically selected
  • Create Documentation tool added
    • HTML Output
    • Contains selected Diagrams and element properties

VS Plugin

  • Generate Code tool prepares T4 Template in selected code project
  • Solution explorer context menu contains options for displaying Model Explorer a Diagram Explorer
  • Fix - ComboBox in New Project dialogue was hiding Location field
  • Minor Layout changes