General Overview

End 2 End Solution

CodePlant covers all application layers, from the database through the business layer to the user interface.

Technical Integration

CodePlant integrates core technologies into an unified set of the programming model, business abstractions and the metadata repository.

Business Modelling

CodePlant provides an environment for modelling, which allows business analysts to describe the business requirements in a reasonable structural and visual form.


CodePlant allows defining security features already during modelling phase. Defined security features are immediately transmitted to all layers including the user interface.

Application Topologies

CodePlant supports a wide range of applications topologies. Application deployment is a matter of configuration and does not affect application development itself.

User Interface

Microsoft flexible and robust platform MS Windows Presentation Foundation and MS Silverlight (web applications) are used for the user interface design in CodePlant.

Off-line & Synchronization

CodePlant contains powerful tools for off-line work and data synchronization between local database and server environment.